Scandic Grand Central

On the 1st of October, 2011, Scandic opened its newest lifestyle venture: Scandic Grand Central. In order to drum up as much media attention as possible prior to the launch, Scandic chose to collaborate with modinåkerlind, a bold PR move that paid off and resulted in a multitude of publicity prior to, during and after the hotel’s opening. 

modinåkerlind devised an intensive PR strategy and plan for the hotel which relied on traditional and non-traditional communication methods.  In order to encourage media interest and generate a buzz via word-of-mouth, modinåkerlind worked with a select group of brand ambassadors or “friends”. During the year leading up to the launch, the PR efforts were gradually widened to reach a larger target audience.    

Scandic’s ultimate goal, other than generating as much press as possible, was to be featured in the world’s leading travel magazine, Condé Nast Traveller. This was achieved by modinåkerlind in March of 2012. After a year of hard work, modinåkerlind had successfully put Scandic Grand Central on the map, and the hotel had been mentioned in almost every Scandinavian media outlet and global giants such as The New York Times T: Magazine and the Financial Times had also highlighted the brand’s new lifestyle venture.   

Perseverance, diligence, and a clear PR strategy were all key elements instrumental to the success of this outstanding project. With modinåkerlind’s help, Scandic proved that it is possible to make new and daring moves in the world of mid-market hotels while still staying true to company culture. modinåkerlind went on to work with Scandic again when opening their boutique hotel HTL and are currently working on their newest project located at Hötorget in Stockholm – Haymarket by Scandic.

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