SPR Athlete factory

Located in the 5 meter high cellar vaults of a historic brewery from the 1600s, SPR Athlete factory is premium gym specialized in martial arts. Founder and accomplished professional MMA coach Waldo Zapata opened the gym in the Södermalm area of Stockholm in 2016 and has been working with modinåkerlind since August 2015. 

In order to introduce the new premium gym and its concept “Stark på Riktigt” (“Strong for Real”) to the Swedish market, modinåkerlind commenced the partnership with a strategic and exciting PR plan. A select group of top editors and journalists were invited to experience SPR through a private training session with legendary coach and founder Zapata. Each member of the media was treated like any other of his regular clients, with a challenging yet inspiring “Stark På Riktigt” workout.    

modinåkerlind’s comprehensive PR strategy and consistent media outreach has resulted in brand awareness for SPR, word-of-mouth buzz within the communicative target group and great editorial content. Since the beginning of the working relationship, modinåkerlind has also managed to secure Waldo Zapata as a training profile in King Magazine.

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